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Pain Treatment

Light therapy is used to prompt the body to repair damage associated with chronic pain, lost range‐of‐motion, wounds, and other symptoms. Cells and nerves are sensitive to light in addition to chemical, electrical, and pressure stimulation. Studies of single nerves have demonstrated that certain colors tend to activate or inhibit nerves. Some colors can act as anti‐inflammatory agents.

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Palmer College Inaugurates Fourth Chancellor During Historic Ceremony

Palmer Chiropractic News (Davenport, Iowa) -- With due ceremony, complete with pomp, circumstance and remarks from dignitaries, Palmer College of Chiropractic inaugurated its fourth chancellor, Dennis Marchiori, D.C., Ph.D., on March 11, 2010, in the auditorium of Vickie Anne Palmer Hall on Palmer's campus in Davenport, Iowa.

CCA Statement On National Health Care Reform

CCA News SACRAMENTO -- Recognizing the significance for patients and providers of national health care reform approved by Congress, with reconciliation legislation being signed today by President Barack Obama, California Chiropractic Association President Dr. Maia James, DC, issued the following statement: "The landmark national health reform...

Parker College of Chiropractic Student Wins Cowtown Marathon

Parker Chiropractic News (Fort Worth, TX) -- Parker College of Chiropractic student, Logan Sherman placed first in the annual Cowtown Marathon. The marathon consisted of 20,000 runners this year. Sherman established himself as an elite leader of the pack early on in the 32nd annual 26.2-mile run through the streets of Fort Worth, Texas. Kenyan...

Chiropractic Needs an Adjustment, Not Drugs

No one would deny that the chiropractic profession has struggled with considerable internal discord. From the very beginning of the profession, D.D. Palmer intended to keep his work a secret while his son B.J. disagreed, saying it should be given to the world through people they would teach. As early as 1910, D.D. had coined the term mixer to clearly differentiate those chiropractors who combined (mixed) the chiropractic philosophy and objective with that of other disciplines, including medicine.

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